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London Taxi Spares are the UK's leading suplier of spares, spare parts, parts, accessories and sales of the beloved old FX4 and Fairway London Taxi.

In 1997, London Taxis International replaced the famous FX4/Fairway London Taxi shape with the TXI, which used the same highly regarded Nissan TD27 engine as the Fairway. Since then spares, spare parts and accessiores for this iconic London Taxi have become rare as the factory has wound down production for the FX4 and Fairway.

We recognised this situation and have been quietly re-sourcing and indeed remaking a whole number of London Taxi spares, spare parts and accessories that have disappeared from the majority of suppliers

And if you wish to buy and iconic London Taxi hust tell us all about your requirements, or wish list, and we have many options as well. We can then advise you on what is available, what accessories you may order, we take care of all documentation, paperwork, deal with and arrange dockside delivery, the shipping, customs formalities, and you get your taxi exactly how you expected and ordered it.

We have over 12 years experience is the sale and export of the classic London Taxi and are now the UK Industry leader with the largest stock of spares, spare parts and accessories for your FX or Fairway. Our support and knowledge is second to none.


“London Taxi Spares, service and support is second to none, the right part at the right price delivered on time.”

“Spares, Parts and Accessories London Taxi Spares have the lot, my Fairway has a new lease of life.”

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